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The station of Battle Harbour, located on the Labrador Coast, opened in 1904 and was first operated by the Government of Newfoundland and then by the Canadian Marconi Company until January, 1957 when the Department of Transport took over the control of the marine radio stations.

The first call letters assigned to the station were "BH", then "MBH" and finally "VOA" in 1912.

Battle Harbour was the first Labrador station north of Belle Isle for public correspondence in the inland service and communications with ships on the Labrador Coast. Battle Harbour was the controlling station for 9 other stations that were operated by Marconi.

In the early years, the Officer-in-charge had many other jobs to perform such as Postmaster, Justice of Peace, Mayor, Commissioner, Wind charger expert, etc.

It is from Battle Harbour's Marconi station that Peary wired his detailed expedition accounts to the New-York Times concerning his claim of being the first one to reach the North Pole.

In the fall of 1930, the four-piece wooden mast caught fire and burnt down, leaving only the stump of the ground mast standing.

The station of Battle Harbour became a Loran-A monitoring station and closed down in the early 80's altogether when a new Loran-C station opened at Fox Harbour.
Unifor Local 2182
Battle Harbour / VOA
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