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Border Beacon weather station was located half way between Scheffeville (Quebec) and Hopedale (Labrador), on the Quebec/Labrador border approximately 150 miles east of Schefferville.

Border was a pure weather station with a 16 weather observations daily including the synoptic reports. There was a 4000 feet long landing strip right in front of the weather station and a lake for float planes. There was a staff house, the generators building, a garage and an emergency shelter in case of an emergency. The weather and radio station was located in the staff house. The staff was composed of two radio operators and a cook. The winter temperature was around -18C and the average summer temperature 13C.

There was no nearby settlement and only single employees were assigned to that station. You were posted there for a one year period. There was no annual leave allowed during that twelve month period. Health problems were the only reason to take someone out of there.

Communications were by radioteletype using HF frequencies with Goose Bay and later by Schefferville. Once a month, the plane would bring mail and fresh food.

There was no medical facilities or dentist, you had to rely on your first aid kit. The closest medical facility was either Schefferville or Goose Bay.

The U.S. Army once occupied Border Beacon, it was one of the numerous radar sites part of the Mid Canada Defense Line. You could still visit the old radar site during the late 1960's. Transport Canada took over when the Americans left and transformed it into a weather station during early 1960's. The weather station was closed early 1970's.

In 1992, the Iuit Mushuau from Davis Inlet from the Labrador Coast established a family care center at Border Beacon.
Unifor Local 2182
Border Beacon
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