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A direction-finding station was opened at Canso during the hostilities of World War 1, in 1915. The Canso station was one of four direction-finding stations on the east coast. The east coast direction-finding service was also offered from Chebucto Head, Cape Sable, Nova Scotia and Cape Race, Newfoundland.

During most of the war and a few years after, the stations provided bearings for a number of vessels deployed for the war effort, under the Department of Naval Service. Personnel were obliged to wear navy uniforms despite their civilian status and pay.

The direction-finding stations were soon taken over by the Department of Marine and Fisheries when all marine radio and direction-finding stations were transferred back to the Department of Marine and Fisheries in 1922 and radio operations worked in tandem with direction-finding services as well as weather observations.

The Cape Sable Direction-finding installation was, however, dismantled several years before, right at the close of the Great War, reverting to its original commercial status that of handling commercial messages with ships at sea.

On February 4, 1970, the Liberian tanker "Arrow/5LHI, grounded in Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia. The ship was caught on Cerberus Rock when the captain called Canso Marine radio. No lives were lost, but another kind of tragedy resulted from the incident: an oil spill of rarely seen proportions. And for many months after, radio operators at Canso Radio helped in co-ordinating the full-scale clean-up. The incident acted as a catalyst for the establishment of VTS across Canada.

The direction-finding station closed on December 15, 1971 and the radio station was closed in 1984. The Fox Island site was transferred to Sydney CGRS that same year and then transferred under Halifax MCTS in 1995.

Eddy Point Traffic was established in 1971 and operated until 1996 when it was closed. A vessel traffic remote site was re-established at the Canso Canal in 1993 operating radar and communications services remotely from the Eddy Point site. The vessel traffic remote site at the Canso Canal closed in February 1997 and the Eddy Point facility was remote to Halifax MCTS.
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Canso / VAX
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