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(49.45N 124.57W)

The original station opened in 1908 on a high sandstone bluff known as 'Cape Lazo'. In 1908, the initial call sign for the station was SKD but it changed to VAC in 1913. The original name of Lazo, or Cape Lazo Radio was later changed to Comox Radio and eventually to Comox Coast Guard radio.

Contrary to most East Coast and Great Lakes stations, the West Coast service was not run by the Marconi Company but by government employees from what was then called the 'Department of Marine and Fisheries'. Initially, the station had a range of 150 miles.

For nearly six decades, the Cape Lazo station provided mainly a safety and weather broadcast service from its site on top of the bluff. In 1962, a new station was built in the Civil Air Terminal building and operations continued from the airport until 1993 when a new facility was completed on the original site at Cape Lazo.

In 1994, with the closure of Alert Bay CG Radio, Comox CG Radio's area of responsibility and staff doubled, now encompassing all of Johnstone Strait, Queen Charlotte Strait and southern Queen Charlotte Sound.

The integration of the CGRS and VTS functions offered the alignment of the radio and traffic functions within the Centre and allowed for same geographical area of responsibility to be covered; this simplified the operation for the Centre and its clients.

Comox became a fully integrated MCTS Centre on April 1, 1996.
Unifor Local 2182
Comox / VAC

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