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The station of Cornerbrook, or the 'West Coast Station' as it was commonly referred to, was built in the 1940s and was originally located in Cornerbrook. At that time, the station's call sign was VOJH.

In 1940, the Cornerbrook station opened under the emblem of Marconi. In 1974, the station was relocated to Stephenville where it was combined with the aeradio station, using the call sign VOJ.

In November 1980, however, a more dedicated marine service was called for and, as a result, Stephenville Coast Guard Radio Station/VOJ evolved and was established in a reconditioned US Air Force building in the core of Stephenville.

On July 19, 1990 the station moved again for a third relocation in its 45-year history. With the construction of the CCG Base at Port Harmon, all Coast Guard services in Stephenville were brought under one roof. The spacious Operations Room was located on the second floor, and offered an excellent view of the Harbour. The close proximity allowed for a more personal contact with the users who often visited the station to obtain extensive marine information.

Stephenville CGRS became the only bilingual station in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1993. Serving the West and Southwest coasts of Newfoundland, as well as the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the two official languages stands as a success story for Stephenville.

Finally, in June of 1999, Stephenville Coast Guard Radio was relocated to Port aux Basques and all remote sites formerly controlled from Stephenville are now controlled from Port aux Basques.
Unifor Local 2182
Cornerbrook / VOJ
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