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(51.52N 63.17W)

The weather and aeradio station of Lake Eon was located approximately 150 miles northeast of Sept-Iles and about the same distance from Goose Bay, Labrador.

The station could only be reached by air. A four thousand foot sand strip was usable during the summer and float planes could land on the lake within 350 feet of the staff house.

The station was operated on a 24-hour basis by four radio operators, including the station manager. Only single accommodation was available in one staff house and meals were prepared by a station cook.

There was no scheduled aircraft service; however Lake Eon was serviced on average once every 2 weeks. Near the end of the station's existence however, aircraft flew into Lake Eon on weekly basis from Sept-Iles, bringing fresh food and movies. No telephone service was available; only point-to-point communications by radioteletype with Schefferville were possible.

As well, there was no medical or dental service other than local first aid available at the station. The closest facilities were in Sept-Iles.

Normally, radio operators were posted to the station for a one-year period, with no trip out from the station during this time.

All services were provided from Sept-Iles or even Montreal by Transport Canada's technical support, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc. personnel. The station was managed by a Technical Area Manager (TAM) based out of Sept-Iles.

Down time could be spent playing pool or cards, by snowmobiling in the winter and fishing in the summer. The fishing was excellent and included some miraculous catches throughout the years.

Once per year, an airlift occurred by DC-3. All of the fuel for the generator, gasoline, dry goods and other items required for the year was brought in via this flight.

The station closed at the end of 1970s.
Unifor Local 2182
Lake Eon
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