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Situated near the tip of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, St. Anthony MCTS operates remote facilities from Comfort Cove, Twillingate, L'Anse aux Meadows, Gonche and Fox Harbour. The area of responsibility extends from Black Tickle, Labrador to Cape Freels.

The bulk of activity in recent years has come from the increase of offshore fishing activity, mainly through the crab, shrimp and seal fisheries. The vessels that prosecute these fisheries are, for the most part, less than 65 feet in length and fish offshore, out of cellular or mobile range. The MCTS Centre is their only link ashore. The MCTS Centre also serves the traditional inshore fishermen and pleasure boaters but to a lesser extent due to the ever increasing cellular and mobile telephone coverage over most coastal waters.

In 1969, the Belle Isle station was closed and its services transferred to the St. Anthony station. Belle Isle had been one of two stations opened by Marconi before his historic transatlantic reception.

Unlike many stations, St. Anthony was not moved to the local airport to operate as a combined marine and air services station. In 1973, it moved from its original site to Goose road close to St. Anthony.

In July of 1996, the station moved from Goose road into the Loran-C Monitoring Centre near the centre of town.

Located near the center of the Centre's Area of Responsibility, the Strait of Belle Isle is the main entry point for vessels bound for the St. Lawrence River from Europe and vice versa. Over the years, the St. Anthony MCTS Centre has been directly involved with various types of traffic related to these vessels. But now, through the "Strait of Belle Isle Traffic Zone", the Centre is providing an even more valuable service to them. In spite of the fact that the zone is only voluntary, there is a high degree of participation due to the nature of navigating in such a narrow waterway which is subject to harsh weather, strong currents and ever present icebergs.

The voluntary VTS system for the Strait of Belle Isle was established on June 1, 2000. The "Belle Isle Traffic" is running until ice forces the Strait's closure in the late Fall. The non-radar system provides all VTS services to the mariners that are available at other MCTS Centres throughout the country.
Unifor Local 2182
St. Anthony / VCM
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