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The St. Paul Island radio direction finding station opened on September 15, 1923 and was offering a seasonal operation during the shipping season from spring to fall.

Direction Finding stations were standing-by on 500 kHz (600 meters) and changed to 3375 kHz (800 meters) to give bearing after communications was established, except Resolution Island which was taking bearings on 500 kHz and changed to 375 kHz to deliver the same.

Extract from the 1938 Radio Aids to Navigation publication: 'St. Paul Island operates as a Direction Finding station maintaining 24 hour watch during periods in the Spring and Fall only when the normal route of traffic to and from the gulf of St. Lawrence is via the Cabot Strait. During the remainder of the year, the station will function as an automatic radio beacon. The station will, however, be available to give bearings on special request, such requests to be made through the North Sydney Coast Station/VCO which will maintain schedules with St. Paul Island. In order to avoid delays, ships foreseeing the need of direction finding bearings when approaching St. Paul Island should communicate with North Sydney as far ahead of time as possible, so that St. Paul may be advised on his inter-station schedules with North Sydney/VCO, which takes place every four hours commencing 02.18 EST.

The station probably closed sometime in the 1940's.
Unifor Local 2182
St. Paul Island / VAT
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