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(43.36.50N 79.23.10W)

The original station was located at the southwest corner of Toronto Island, more specifically at Gibraltar Point. The station opened in January of 1914.

When the need for duplex radiotelephone service was evident, a remote station for radiotelephone reception was built about half a mile north of the coast radio station, in the direction of the Island Airport on Hanlan's Point.

In 1938, the station was owned by the Government of Canada but operated by Canadian Marconi Company under contract. That same year, the station was providing Direction-finding bearings on 410 kHz and broadcasting weather reports and other safety information in 187 kHz. The station was maintaining a continuous watch on 1630 KHz for ships equipped with radiotelephone equipment.

But soon, the radio noise level created by homes on the island and the industries and power lines along the shore severely limited the working range of the station on radiotelephone. The marine radio beacon transmitter beside the station also caused interference to the long wave operation of the coast station.

Soon the station was slated to move to Trafalgar where radio noise level would be minimal. In 1952, the Toronto marine radio station at Trafalgar was completed and put in operation to provide a greatly improved service. From the onset, the new station had the fourfold range of the original location during daytime operations. At the Long Point Radiobeacon, a new power house was built and the station was completely renovated. The Gibraltar Point Radiobeacon was switched to remote radio control from Trafalgar, about 18 miles away, to save resources.

Relocation was not yet over for CGRS Toronto/VBG. The marine/aeradio combined effort was then housed at the Toronto International Airport, where it remained until 1986, when regional authorities decided again to displace the station. This move, its last before the final closure of its doors, brought it to the same address as the regional office, on the 16th floor of a downtown Toronto skyscraper at the foot of Yonge Street, overlooking the inner Harbour.

CGRS Toronto came to a closure in April of 1995, integrating with CGRS Cardinal to Prescott MCTS, 350 kilometers to the east.
Unifor Local 2182
Toronto / VBG
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